start X in background without it taking over the console?

Peter Vereshagin peter at
Wed May 11 13:15:38 UTC 2011

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2011/05/11 05:37:56 -0700 Bill Tillman <btillman99 at> => To freebsd-questions at :
BT> > I already do... I'm want to automate it.  Every other virtual screen

BT> I'm watching this thread with interest.

Me too.
But I have another kind of interest.
I use to run X like this:
This means fork process, wait X server to start and then run client(s).
In certain situations the terminal processes start to consume all the CPU while
doing nothing.
I'd like to have a way to start X without respawn from a line on a /etc/ttys in
a background fork and then start its clients from another jail(s).

I can do this currently only without ttys to start, blocking /etc/rc to proceed
before ttys to start. But I'd like to have Alt+Fn functionality among with my
X11, too. I can get that only by means of switching to ttyv0 and then
interrupting that perl script by ^C. And losing my X session thereafter.

CPU consumption situation in question can happen here and there, and not always
can be solved by mean of 'script -qt0 dev/null cmd' hack. This includes
tmux/screen first of all. Of course I use this script(1) feature on both ssh
client and ssh server side. ( ssh is not about X11 forwarding but about to set
DISPLAY and run X client app ).

Thanks much for any clue.

73! Peter pgp: A0E26627 (4A42 6841 2871 5EA7 52AB  12F8 0CE1 4AAC A0E2 6627)

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