start X in background without it taking over the console?

Chris Telting christopher-ml at
Wed May 11 10:36:26 UTC 2011

On 05/11/2011 03:10, C. P. Ghost wrote:
> On Wed, May 11, 2011 at 7:21 AM, Chris Telting
> <christopher-ml at>  wrote:
>> I know this isn't strictly a Freebsd question.
>> I want to start up X in the background without it taking over the console.
>>   I want to switch over to it manually when I press alt-F9.
> Why not start if from another terminal? Say, press alt-F2, login there,
> and then startx. Then, alt-F1 remains free.
> Or perhaps use x11-servers/xorg-vfbserver.
I already do... I'm want to automate it.  Every other virtual screen 
terminal can start without grabbing the console, I don't want X to 
either.  I do development and I suffer crashes.  I want to do work while 
it boots up for a couple minutes and I'm tired of manually switching 
back to text mode.  It's gets annoying the 200th time.

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