kernel and buildworld questions

Michael D. Norwick mnorwick at
Wed May 11 00:24:30 UTC 2011

On 05/10/11 20:59, Mage wrote:
> On 05/10/2011 10:34 PM, Lowell Gilbert wrote:
>> You've tried it with an empty make.conf file first, I assume?
> Actually I don't have make.conf, I renamed it.
> It doesn't matter for RVM. It doesn't use it. I exported CC, GCC, CFLAGS
> and so for rvm install.
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Good Day;

While I cannot speak to your segfaults, core dumps and RVM issues, 
trying to get makeworld to succeed.  I can say that I have had great 
success with the MFSBSD .iso available from;

It is at version 8.2-RELEASE on both i386 and amd64.  Setting up a ZFS 
only installation has worked without error on both Intel Core2 duo and 
amd64 (athlon64).  I have had to do some ZFS tuning once the base system 
was installed.  4G of ram appears to be rather sparse on either 
architecture.  Adding disks to the pools and changing the filesystem 
layouts to comply with my requirements was painless.  Generally, it just 
worked.  I was then able to csup the kernel source, userland, and ports 
tree.  Keeping the ports tree current fixed most all of my build problems.
Over the last year I have had machines on FreeBSD 8.0, PC BSD, NetBSD, 
kFreeBSD and back to FreeBSD 8.2-RELEASE (with ZFS)
On the main workstation I use for testing, an AMD Athlon64 with 3G of 
ram, make buildkernel takes 30 - 40 minutes and make buildworld takes 
several hours.
ZFS is ver. 15.
I've found the docs available from SUN/Oracle to be very helpful.

Hope this helps somewhat.


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