OpenVPN Setup

Darek M darek at
Tue May 10 20:31:30 UTC 2011

On 5/10/2011 3:55 PM, Bill Tillman wrote:
> I have a FreeBSD-8.2-STABLE server running OpenVPN. What I'm trying to do is to
> be able to access my LAN with my M$ Windows laptop using a M$ compatible client.
> I read the manpage and it basically sets forth examples in which there will be
> two (2) OpenVPN servers. In my case I will only have one OpenVPN server and my
> laptop out there on the road. And of course I won't know the IP address of my
> laptop until I connect out there somewhere. Can anyone recommend how to do this
> or where I can read more about how to use OpenVPN with only one server?

There's a client for Windows from the OpenVPN folks available under

If you're on Windows 7, Install is by running it as administrator, and 
configure the shortcut to run the client itself as administrator.  You 
should then have a nice roaming setup.


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