conky problem

Eduardo nec556 at
Tue May 10 19:59:36 UTC 2011

At 13:51 08/05/2011, pwnedomina wrote:
>Ive just setup "conky &" in my fluxbox startup file the thing is 
>that when fluxbox starts i see it running but then suddenly 
>disappears, i see its running on background but how can i make it to 
>appear in the screen?

Where did you write "conky &" ? It should be on the after fluxbox 
start. I have something like this:


#pre fluxbox area

xrandr -s 1152x864 &

fluxbox &

#post fluxbox area

   fbdesk -rc /home/myhome/.fluxbox/init &
   conky -p -d &
   xterm -T 'main xterm' &


I start conky with -d (daemonize) and -p without number(pause before 
show data).


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