restricted ssh shell for ruby on rails hosting ? (rake, git, etc.)

Olivier Mueller om-lists-bsd at
Mon May 9 15:28:34 UTC 2011


I'm managing a few hosting servers, mostly php-based: customers have
SFTP access (via proftpd and mod_sftp), phpmyadmin, etc.  They are
"jailed" in their home directory on both levels:  "DefaultRoot ~" for
FTP, and open_basedir for PHP, and it's working fine like this. 

Now I have added a few personal ruby on rails hosting on one of the
servers (via mod_passenger), and I'd like to do so for other people. 

Problem: most of the RoR operations will require a ssh shell, for
example for "rake db:migrate", local gem installation, debugging, and
local git repository management as well. 

I presume I am not the only one in this situation: if it is the case on
your systems, may I ask how to you handle this case, to maintain the
best overall system security ?  

I just saw "shells/ibsh" in the ports list which could have helped, but
it doesn't really seem to be maintained (last update was in 2005). 

The rails user can't browse other user's directories (solved simply with
unix filesystem rights), and he can't see other processes
( security.bsd.see_other_gids=0, security.bsd.see_other_uids=0, etc.),
but one of the thing I would like to prevent is for example accessing
some files like /etc/passwd   (= listing all other customers domains in
this specific case).  

Other things would be: 
- prevent the launch of daemons  (-> screen, irssi, bots, etc.) -> ?
- prevent the use of crontab -e  (for some people): /var/cron/allow|deny

The document under is a good
help, but not for all points...  And it's also from 2005. 

Any suggestion welcome :)
Merci & regards,

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