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Noel noeldude at
Mon May 9 01:21:12 UTC 2011

On 5/8/2011 7:17 PM, John or Judy Hixson wrote:
> At the risk of being told to get out of here and never come back (until you know enough to not need to come back), I need help on some very elementary stuff. I haven't found anywhere else to ask these questions and am therefore taking my chances.


> I'm trying to learn some FreeBSD in anticipation of eventually admining a FBSD server for my church office network. I've installed FreeBSD 7.4 on an old PC and am trying to follow along while reading

Unless you have some specific need for a legacy version, I 
would strongly suggest installing the latest production 
version.  Right now that's 8.2.

>   Michael Lucas' book (2nd ed.). Right now my problem is with the command line. Lucas make a statement as follows: "If you want to see a comprehensive list of loader variables, check the default configuration file." Since there is no command "check", I have no idea what to use. What command will

He means to view the contents of the file with "cat" or "more".

The shell or command line is where most of the action happens 
in FreeBSD and other unix-like operating systems.  While it 
might look primitive to a newcomer, once you lean it you find 
it to be more powerful and you can imagine.

I would probably help to read some books or websites on "basic 
unix operation" or "unix shell basics".  No, I don't have any 
specific ones to recommend, but I'll bet there's a great one 
within the first 5 google responses.

Good luck!

   -- Noel

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