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Those error messages are due to GTK interface of Xscreensaver
configuration tool which can be called with "xscreensaver-demo"

If you want xscreensaver start when user type command "startx" simply
edit the .xinitrc file. Sample configuration is for a fluxbox windows
manager and Xscreensaver.


# start xscreensaver-daemon

xscreensvaer -no-splash &

# start fluxbox

exec startfluxbox

This particular set up will start Xscreensaver daemon when startx
command executed.

You need to configure xscreensvaer in order to operate. This can be done
by either running command from xterm with "xscreensaver-daemon&" or
editing the .xscreensaver file by hand.

Use the Xscreensaver-demo frontend to select the screensaver, idle and
cycle time. You'll get those gtk erors and ignore them ;) The frontend
will generate the .xscreensaver file for you.
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