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Sun May 8 02:10:41 UTC 2011

On Sun, 08 May 2011 02:59:11 +0100, pwnedomina <pwnedomina at> wrote:
> man xscreensaver dont display information about fluxbox wm.

Of course not. :-)

You need to consult the documentation of fluxbox in
order to find out how to integrate it (if needed),
but I think it's _not_ entirely needed, as xscreensaver
has its own configuration program, and if you load
it on session startup, it should run "in the back-
ground" and react on non-interactivity properly.
But as I said, I'm not using it, so you need to
check the documentation.

> ive added an entry to ~/.xsession but it dont works.
> what should be done?

Add it to ~/.xinitrc then - to be precise: add it to
the file where you also have the entry for your window
manager (in this case, the one with the "exec fluxbox"
line). Can only be one of those two. :-)

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