Firefox URL Address Bar does not work under 8.1-RELEASE

Devin Teske dteske at
Sat May 7 21:42:22 UTC 2011

Hi list,

I hope that you can offer some suggestions to help make some sense of this odd situation. The situation is that we install FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE onto standard Intel workstation hardware. We then add about 400 packages to the system. On top of that, we then add firefox.

Everything works great in the system, even firefox ... that is until you try and use the address bar in Firefox to enter a URL. Pressing ENTER has no effect. Neither does clicking the green arrow to the right of the URL in the address bar. Meanwhile, requesting firefox to visit a URL via the command-line works just fine. Clicking through pages and navigating links also works fine. The entire system is functional with except to the URL address bar in Firefox.

We then set up a second machine (also workstation-class hardware, though much newer). Same thing. System works superbly, with exception to firefox's address bar.

Co-workers and I are scratching our head over why this is happening.

We've tried both firefox-3.6 and firefox-3.5 from the FTP archives. We've always installed every dependency. Both browser versions have the same problem. Both machines have the same problem.

Specifically speaking, we've tried these two packages:,1.tbz,1.tbz
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