fix an audio conversion script to work through multiple directories and convert mp3s to ogg vorbis

Chris Hill chris at
Sat May 7 21:03:53 UTC 2011

On Sat, 7 May 2011, Antonio Olivares wrote:

> My question is the following:
> How can I run the script to recursively find all mp3's and convert them 
> to ogg vorbis(with ogg extension already in place/or rename them in one 
> step[instead of running two scripts] and deleting the mp3's) all in one 
> time?

I had a similar (but not identical) problem, and I wrote a script to solve 
it. I wanted to recursively go through a directory tree, find flac files, 
and make mp3s of them while transferring over the ID3 tags, while keeping 
a duplicate directory structure for the mp3s. And don't do the conversion 
if the file already exists.

My script is based on by Steve Parker, which is at His tutorial site is extremely 
helpful, and I recommend it.

My script is at - maybe you can adapt it to 
your needs.


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