Link and network level in the tcp/ip stack

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Niether it is a problem of small subnet not NIC card. The problem is of routing entries.
Just add default route at your node, and make the default GW for this route as or the connected interface. Your SRV node should pass it to its default gw which should take care of forwarding it to the destination RN. If your SRV node could forward the ping reply then add a specific route there like - "pkt comes from then forward it to

Before printing, think about your ENVIRONMENTAL responsibility.

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Am 06.05.2011 23:17, schrieb Erik Nørgaard:
> Hi:
> This is a generic question about may, should and must:
> I have the following setup:
>    192.168.28/24
>  +---------------+
>  |.196         |.1
> SRV        GW--------- RN
>  |.28         |.1
>  +---------------+
>    10.225.162/24
> The server, SRV, has default gateway set to, no routing has been configured for the 10.225.162/24 network. The gateway is a router, no NAT or firewall. Yup, we do have this setup, don't ask why.
> Now, the remote node RN pings the server on fine, no problem. Then it pings and get destination unreachable.
> OK, so I did tcpdump first on the interface, and saw icmp echo requests coming in, but no replies going out. Then I did tcpdump on the other interface and got this:
> 13:39:43.233419 arp who-has tell
> obviously no reply, wrong network.
Can your SRV ( ping anything in 192.168.28?
I don't think, because your SRV is looking for its gateway, but never get an answer from it.
It's subnetmask is to small to reach another subnet.

Put another network card in it with an ip of 192.168.28 and all will working.

Sorry for my bad english ;(
> Thanks, Erik
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