Sending a Fax

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at
Sat May 7 18:02:45 UTC 2011

> I'd like to add to this that, in my opinion, the real issue these days is
> the emailing of unencrypted business papers. I take the position that
> *nothing* is ever deleted from an email server these days; or from those
> servers that are just relaying, no matter what the RFC says. I shake my head
> at what people send to their correspondents, that they would never think of
> discussing with a stranger. And yet they do just that via the spool.

I second your opinion.  Now that recording conversations & emails
between people, they save everything for later coming back with
lawsuits/blackmail/etc.  There are many examples but one that comes to
mind is the Brett Favre scandal with then Jet's reporter Jen Sterger.
That was a text, and *it apparently was saved since 2008* and it
became a scandal, this of course last year and now the *LOCKOUT * :(
These people make too much money already and they want more :(  Sorry
for drifting out of topic.

An example where paperless documents are preffered, take a look at IRS
they will require users to file electronically starting next year.
They want to save paper and this is a government agency.  Schools are
implementing this too, they want to send messages to their
teachers/workers/staff because ultiimately saving the environment is
more important (too many dead trees)



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