gnome desktop manager

pwnedomina pwnedomina at
Fri May 6 20:09:10 UTC 2011

Em 06-05-2011 19:39, Polytropon escreveu:
> On Fri, 06 May 2011 20:19:52 +0000, pwnedomina<pwnedomina at>  wrote:
>> im using fluxbox but i want to add gnome desktop manager after the boot
>> in order to have a GUI manager for select which users i want to log on,
>> what is the way to accomplish this?
> Install gdm (the Gnome _display_ manager) from the
> x11/gdm port and add a line for it to /etc/ttys
> (instead of the default xdm line you find there).
> It should be something like
> 	ttyv8  "/usr/local/bin/gdm"  xterm  off secure
> But check the documentaton of gdm, as well as the
> FreeBSD Gnome project (from the main web page).
ive already found other solution, im using SLiM graphical login manager, 
thanks for the help anyway.

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