how to use cfs (cryptographic file system) ?

ALANO CONRAZ aconraz at
Fri May 6 16:24:02 UTC 2011


In order to test cfs, i tried to set up a ciphered directory.
Unfortunatelly, i failed...
Documentation doesn't seem to be up-to-date, so it does not help much.
Here is what I did :

pkg_add "cfs package address"
echo "/usr/local/cfs-bootstrap localhost" >> /etc/exports
mkdir /crypt
rcpbind -h
mountd -h

and then : /usr/local/etc/rc.d/cfsd onestart

And I always get the same error :
[tcp] localhost:/usr/local/cfsd-bootstrap: nfsd: RCPROG_NFS: RPC: Remote
system error - Connection refused
and the same with [tcp6]

Could you help me ? I had a look to mailing archives, but with no success.
Thanks for your help!

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