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> Subject: Sending a Fax
> One of my clients needs to send a lot of faxes.  He has a Brother 8680DN 
> which will fax.  Any ideas how to send a file to it and get it to send a 
> fax?  I am not finding anything beyond printing for that unit via 
> Google.

Not to belabor the obvious, but do you have the owners manual?  what does
it say about faxing?

*MOST* computer-driven "fax machines" have the 'logical equivalent' of a
serial port, to which you send specialized "AT" (extended Hayes modem
commands) to go into fax mode, and originate a call. Then you shovel out
a bit-stream that is the  already rasterized fax data.

I've always used 'Hylafax' -- a _smart_ fax-management daemon that supports
a whole bunch of different kinds of fax modems, handles -multiple- fax-
modems, automatic retries, etc., etc.  It supports a very simple protocol
for queueing faxes from applicatioons, or the command line, and handles
either ASCII or PostScript input.

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