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Em 05-05-2011 23:48, Daniel C. Dowse escreveu:
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>> i had a little problem, after i have rox-filer running im unable to see 
>> output of root-tail texts in background, what can i do in order to fix this?
> It may be cause your run rox with -S [ --rox-session ] option and the pinboard
> is set as your backdrop, you probably have to run rox without the session
> command.
> cheers
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as for the root-tail what settings you recommend to use?
they have show this example

 #log files we like to watch
 #the font we want our log to show
 #the deminsions of our log area
 exec gkrellm2 -w &
 exec root-tail -g ${geom} -fn ${logfont} ${log1} ${log2} ${log3} ${log4}"
 xset r rate 195 35
 #load our custom keymaps for special keys to work in x
 xmodmap ~/.Xmodmap
 #load our custom settings for terminal and other stuff
 xrdb -load ~/.Xdefaults
 #start a window manager
 exec fluxbox
 #can only execute one this time we use fluxbox
 #exec openbox

which does not seem very suitable, do you recommend other settings?
 #exec wmaker

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