ld-elf.so.1 Shared object "libkipi.so.7" not found

Michael mlmichael70 at gmail.com
Thu May 5 19:58:26 UTC 2011


I'm having hard times with digikam. It used to work properly but then, 
after one of the updates (I'm not able to track it) it stopped.

When I try to run digikam I'm getting this error message:

/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object "libkipi.so.7" not found, required 
by "digikam"

I've tried to rebuild digikam and all dependencies but it's still the 
same. My ports tree is updated. I'm running FreeBSD 8.2-R on amd64 and 
digikam-kde4 port.

Any ideas please?


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