Seeking full-cups/lpd compilant printer

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Wed May 4 17:40:31 UTC 2011

On Wed, 04 May 2011 14:49:04 +0200, David Demelier <demelier.david at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm searching a printer that works with cups only (I mean no hplip 
> needed no specific vendor driver).

One word: Postscript. :-)

> I would like a simple desktop printer with scanner built-in for simple 
> copies.

Obtain a used office printer. This will safe you money (as
toner cartridges are cheap for them) and trouble (as they
ususally have a network interface).


I stopped parsing the URI when encounterin "Injket". Do not
use an inkpee printer, it's just too expensive.

> I like this one but the openprinting site says it recommends the epson 
> drivers so I don't know if it works without and cups only...

Vendor-specific drivers are a big problem of home consumer
crap. If there is a foomatic printer filter for the device,
you're lucky, but if it's "too new", it won't work, especially
if the printer manufacturer refuses to use standards.

> Do you have some good advices ?

Laser printer. Really. If you require color, choose a color
laser printer. They're cheap these days. Pay attention that
it supports Postscript. If not, look for something that
speaks HP PCL. It's very well supported by the gs (Ghost-
Script) printer filter.

Don't fear to buy _used_ office equipment.

I may say that I have a "huge" HP Laserjet 4000 duplex at
home, because it serves my needs _here_ well. I don't need
color output, but I love using two-sided printing (for
economical reasons). The printer is networked and runs
it own (!) lpd, so it's a joy to print with it. The printer
is fast, the toner is cheap. It's also very energy-efficient.
I got the printer in a used state, it's (I think) 10 years
old now. I _heavily_ use it.

(I also have a Laserjet 4 that is more than 15 years old
and _still_ in a perfectly working condition!)

Home consumer crap tends to use USB. This limits you in speed
and distance. And whenever you print, it causes system load.
It also tends to break after some use. Also if you do NOT
use it, it also breaks (or forces you to buy new inkpee
ink-tank-and-printing-head-cartridges which are almost as
expensive as the printer).

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