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Louis Marrero louis_marrero at
Mon May 2 23:01:10 UTC 2011



I have a number of really dumb questions that I hope you might be able to
shed some light on.


Although I am familiar with basic computer operation, I've been trying to
understand a very experienced programmer friend that mixes Linux/Unix
terminology in his vocabulary under the assumption that everyone knows the


Being familiar only with general knowledge on the Windows XP that I use
daily, I've gone on the web to find out more information on some of the
terms used by this programmer, such as "BSD", "shell terminal", "nc -u",
etc.  Since my friend knows that my computer is strictly MS Windows, when my
friend writes down something like "In a shell terminal type nc -u 5555." it makes me wonder what I'm missing.  


Here are some questions that can help my understanding:


1.         I know that Windows is an OS, and Linux/Unix as well as FreeBSD
are other Operating System.  My very basic question is this: Is it even
possible to install a second OS, like FreeBSD on an existing Windows-based


2.         Is it possible to link my Windows laptop to a web server with
Unix or FreeBSD and exercise Unix/Linux commands.  If so, how is that done?


I'd be grateful for any information.


Louis Marrero

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