Suddenly lots processes exits signal 11 (core dumped)

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Mon May 2 09:05:01 UTC 2011

Devin Teske wrote:
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>> I second the idea that this is a RAM issue.
>> Power down, ground yourself, remove and re-seat the RAM and see if the
>> problem goes away.
> Here's a small ISO containing memtest86 (and more). This ISO is a "hybrid ISO" meaning that you can either burn it to CD/DVD and boot off it, or you can dd(1) it to a thumb drive and boot off that.
> Here's the instructions for writing it to USB (you likely already know how to write an ISO to CD/DVD):

Hi list,
I would like to thank everyone who answered to this thread. An
additional extra thank you to the kind list memeber who gave me
instructions on how to download and build an USB version of memtest86.

Needless to say that after identifying the failing memory module with
memtest86 we have not had a single failure on this machine.

Thank you all!
Mikael Bak

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