SSH persistent sessions without screen?

Chris Telting christopher-ml at
Thu Mar 31 16:16:49 UTC 2011

I would like to have something like virtual terminals that continue 
running no matter if ssh is connected to them or not.  Something like 
the screen utility.  But I don't want to use screen, I'm looking for 
something more automated.  Maybe even be able to have multiple 
connections on different computers.

I have a number of computers and I like to use each for batch processing 
different stuff, especially compiling.  I'm mostly interested in 
connecting to running sessions from a mobile android phone.  I don't 
want to keep having to manually login every time through screen and it 
should be tolerant of a dropped connection.

I'm thinking there is probably a way to do this with just ssh.  Maybe 
have separate sshd daemons running on specific ports.  Any ideas?


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