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Try tkdvd. It is in ports tree (sysutils/tkdvd)
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While not a GUI it's minimilistic, give bashburn a shot ....

Port:   bashburn-2.1.2_2
Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/bashburn
Info:   CD burning bash script
Port:   mybashburn-1.0.2_2
Path:   /usr/ports/sysutils/mybashburn
Info:   Ncurses CD burning bash script

Bashburn I've used before, Mybashburn I have not but it looks like the
next elocutionary step for Bashburn if it does indeed function the same.
Bashburn *IS* a collection of bash scripts that handle the cmdln apps
directly (for you), all driven by a menu.

Did you know...
If you play a Windows 2000 CD backwards, you hear satanic messages,

but what's worse is when you play it forward....
                             installs Windows 2000
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