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Sorry for top posting - my phone makes it awkward.

I take your point about wireless config. Perhaps that was a poor example.

To take Windows out of the equation (I've nothing against it per se) how about compiling the kernel? I left Linux a while ago, but at that time compiling and installing a new kernel on Red Hat or Slackware (to stick within my experience) was significantly harder to do than "make buildkernel; make installkernel", once you had it figured. I'd suggest that part of the reason for that is the effort in Linux to make it 'easy to learn' and therefore hide the guts of stuff like this away.


Peter Harrison

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On Wed, 30 Mar 2011 09:32:29 -0700 (PDT)
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> Once you've scaled the learning curve, you will appreciate how easy
> it is to achieve things with FreeBSD compared to other OS which
> attempt to make things 'easy' for you (wireless networking springs to
> mind - in my experience if Windows can't do it 'automagically' then
> you haven't a hope in hell of finding out what's wrong and fixing it).

You have conveniently left out the part that if the OS does not have
a driver for the wireless card, specifically "N" protocol cards, then
you haven't any hope of getting it to work, period.

In any case, the easiest way to get any wireless card to work in
Windows, at least up to Win-7, was to deactivate the Windows wireless
utility and use the one that accompanies the device, assuming that it
does come with a configuration utility. I have not seen any of the top
rated ones that did not. If for some reason that did not work, you
could still manually enter any of the specific information manually,
assuming that you actually took the time to learn (where did I here
that term before) how to accomplish it.

Jerry ✌
FreeBSD.user at seibercom.net

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