Gui CD soft recommend

Graham Bentley admin at
Thu Mar 31 07:58:55 UTC 2011

Thanks for your several considered replies

> 1) If you're already got KDE libs, k3b / k3b-kde4 is pretty light
> 2) I find that Gnome has pretty good built-in support
> 3) Polytropon as 1,2 mostly

I shoud have been more specific. Im running xorg with vtwm
and trying to stay light / minimal as possible. Burncd is fine
for alot of jobs but not whilst eating toast. xcdroast seems
somewhat dated / clunky and is currently reporting that
theres no disc in drive even though I can mount said disc
manually [although it has worked for me in past] so....
I was wondering what other light users are doing?

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