xorg on Toshiba Tecra A1 freebsd senseless

Aftab Jahan Subedar jahan at scientist.com
Wed Mar 30 21:57:49 UTC 2011

Its confirmed dead with 20 - 60 blocks un referenced i nodes in HDD.
I had to fsck -y using option 4 from boot menu ( the single user mode).

And I thing as Unix it should not be able to that right?
Its happening tried this that etc.

In the process I found that  doing "Xorg -config xorg.conf.new
-showopts" this also kills the machine. I kept a ssh login from
outside to be able to reboot but it disconnects me also and hangs,
gave 3+ minutes to come back to senses but did not.

Anyway this is my conclusion:
-- Only one driver is recognized "intel display driver card0 and card1"
-- Dies when reaches ATI load
-- Deleted all but intel vesa
--  keyboard did not recognize
-- touchpad synaptics did not recognize
-- hald did not complain a word about touchpad/keyboard but recognizes
both in text mode

You all dont waste time researching on it, unless someone has
succeeded with this Tecra A1.

If you all interested to invest some time on it I can connect it
online but u all got email me.

-- Jahan

On 3/30/11, Warren Block <wblock at wonkity.com> wrote:
> On Wed, 30 Mar 2011, Anton Shterenlikht wrote:
>> Maybe of no relevance, but I think the
>> default for "Xorg -config xorg.conf.new" is to show
>> blank screen. You have to type CTRL+ALT+BACKSPACE to
>> get back to the terminal.
> Depending on key mapping, that may not work.  But ctrl-alt-f1 to switch
> back to a console should.
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