Easiest desktop BSD distro

Antonio Olivares olivares14031 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 00:08:19 UTC 2011

> It's the same with computers. No matter what you want to do
> with it, there IS something you need to learn, either BEFORE
> you use it, or WHILE you're using it. With some simple means,
> i. e. using the brain, reading, concluding, understanding,
> THINKING, you're fine in this regards - because it's all
> what is needed to advance to the required point.

I will add my $0.02 to this thread.  Polytropon & others here, what
they have suggested to OP, is that if he wants to succeed with
FreeBSD, he will need to put some work into it.  As with most things
in life, this is very much true.  There is not much handholding like
Ubuntu/Mint/____name-of-some-version-of-linux here, but in all of
them, you have to invest a bit in them too!  I am not an expert and  I
have run into some problems myself, but I can't blame the OS for not
being easy or idiot proof.  I have sometimes gotten into trouble but
the folks here on the list have been very helpful and have answered
most of time.  Exceptions do exist when I was trying to update through
ports system as I am not ***all there when it comes to updating
FreeBSD with ports/cvsup/portmaster, ..., etc***, I have more
experience from the Linux variants, Slackware/Fedora/Slax-now-Porteus/
etc, but that does not detract me from having two machines running
FreeBSD one with XFCE as the desktop and one with KDE.  I have not
messed with the updates though :(, I can trash the machine easily and
that is something one can easily do.

The good thing is that there is plenty of documentation i.e, FAQ,
handbook, and the expertise of this list is also a great thing to

Also, I could say that some folks want to know if there is an easy way
to Math like Geometry and some brillant mathematician said ``there is
no royal path to geometry``.   We can conclude the same for FreeBSD or
other BSD that is out there :)

Hope that you and other users out there don't give up and give it a
shot.  It is a great OS, just that one needs to invest some time and
learn to work with it :)



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