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Wed Mar 23 18:51:08 UTC 2011

Hi, all,

I happened to come across this Netcraft survey of the "Most Reliable Hosting Company Sites in February 2011" (the most recent month for which statistics are available):
I was surprised that the top three most reliable sites for last month were all running FreeBSD :O

I'm currently using a Linux-based hosting provider but am interested in migrating to a FreeBSD-based provider for two reasons:  (1) I develop on a system running FreeBSD, so it would make things simpler for me if the servers whereon my site ran did also, and (2) I'd like to migrate to using FreeBSD counterparts in lieu of Linux standbys (e. g., pf instead of iptables, etc.)  Can anyone recommend the best FreeBSD-based hosting provider that they've used recently and/or are currently using, in terms of:

(a) providing dedicated servers, or, at the very least, true VPSes (i. e., one you can hard-reboot at whim, not a FreeBSD jail), obviously with full root access;
(b) connection latency (how long it takes to connect via ssh/sftp) and speed/lag;
(c) observed disk/file I/O performance (both latency and throughput, particularly important in the case of VPSes -- my current Linux VPS-based service started out great, but now file I/O performance has slowed to a crawl as they've added VPSes without proportionately increasing hardware resources);
(d) cost-effectiveness (i. e., how much you get for somewhere on the order of $100 a month -- I'm interested in setting up a small, experimental WWW site, and then hope to scale up from there);
(e) preferably a hosting provider that delivers a dedicated or virtual server with a fresh, clean install of the most recent release of FreeBSD (8.2-RELEASE as of the time of this writing) right off the bat; and
(f) in case of ties, the extent to which they've given back to the FreeBSD community, either through contributed code or hardware, hosting, and/or financial support?

My first instinct was simply to choose a hosting provider based on the Netcraft survey above, but since I can't assess the other criteria based on the Netcraft survey alone I figured I'd be best off going with what y'all recommend based on your personal and technical experience with all factors taken into consideration, not just pure reliability according to a single metric.  (Note:  I know this subject resurfaces from time to time in the FreeBSD mailing lists and fora, but I'd like to ask anew as the quality of hosting companies' services varies so quickly as they jostle for market position.)

Thanks in advance, everyone, and my apologies for asking a "commercial"-type question, rather than a purely technical one.  (And please, no ads or self-promotion in reply; let's just all agree upfront to boycott any poster that violates this basic rule of common courtesy :)

All the best,

P. S.  If you recommend hosting providers based outside of the U. S. or Russian Federation I'd appreciate it if you could restrict yourself to those who have a solid track record of handling secure transactions in USD and whose sites and documentation are available in English or Russian.  Thanks!

P. P. S.  Please reply to the list, not to me personally.
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