why does this simple counter fail?

Paul Macdonald paul at ifdnrg.com
Wed Mar 23 17:15:01 UTC 2011

On 23/03/2011 16:45, Gary Kline wrote:
> 	Guys,
> 	Can any of you php hackers tell me why this simple self-hacked
> 	counter bomb?
> 	appended.
> 	tia.
$file doesn't look to be set anywhere

if its a web script ( as opposed to cmd line cli) tyhen its probably 
passed as a POST or GET variable.,

register_globals needs to be on for this variable to be auto set,

if the form is submitted via POST,  change script to:


if the form is submitted via GET (you'd see the file=variable in the address bar),  change script to:


Of course you want to sanitise this $file variable so that it can't be hacked.

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