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Ilya Kazakevich kazakevichilya at
Tue Mar 22 14:06:20 UTC 2011

You need to install boot0cfg in your MBR

man boot0cfg

<>Honestly you
can use any MBR loader you like (grub, lilo, boot0cfg, windows). Windows
can't access boot sector on non-ntfs partitions, so you need to fetch first
block from your unix slice (boot1 or take it from /boot/boot1) and store it
as file (like freebsd.blk) on windows drive.
Grub and lilo probably can access slice their selfs.
boot0cfg definitely can.


On Tue, Mar 22, 2011 at 10:32 AM, xinyou yan <yxy.716 at> wrote:

>  i install freebsd last
> reboot ,I can find
> F1 windows
> F2?
> F3 freebsd
> where can i fix to load my linux ?
> I install grub on /devsd7
> Now i use windows to load grub then linux
> However I want to loader linux  directly .
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