Minimum system requirements

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Sun Mar 20 11:30:41 UTC 2011

On Sun, 20 Mar 2011 02:52:59 -0500, aaron van caster <darkstar99999 at> wrote:
> Just would like to know what are the minimum system/hardware requirements to
> run 8.2 OS and do to have a simple video showing installation?

This primarily depends on the codecs used for the video.
If there is much compression involved, requirements are
higher than to play uncompressed video (where mainly
the access speed to storage matters). For example, I've
had excellent results on a 300 MHz P2. The P4 with 2 GHz
I'm using at home plays everything at a good speed.
Maybe the ability of direct rendering is important, too,
so you chose your GPU according to good driver support
(ATI Radeon "old-fashioned" in my case).

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