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On 03/17/11 20:51, ajtiM wrote:
> On Wednesday March 16 2011 19:58:13 Da Rock wrote:
>> On 03/17/11 07:04, ajtiM wrote:
>>> On Wednesday March 16 2011 09:39:11 Mark Felder wrote:
>>>> On Wed, 16 Mar 2011 02:48:45 -0500, Da Rock
>>>> <freebsd-questions at>   wrote:
>>>>> IF I understand you correctly here, you need to configure the wifi
>>>>> connection on your phone, and have a wifi access point available. Else-
>>>>> see above...
>>>> No, he's referring to wired tethering over USB. This is the preferred
>>>> way of tethering to your phone because it doesn't drain your battery or
>>>> start your phone on fire :)
>>>> I've not had success with it on FreeBSD but I must admit I haven't put
>>>> much effort into it.
>>>> Regards,
>>>> Mark
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>>> I want to connect a phone with usb to PC and use Internet through PC.
>>> At work Itried on MAC compuer and it easy but onn FreeBSD I don't know
>>> how. I don't have wirelless at home and I like to use wired...
>> To do so you'd have to have a rooted Android system to change the
>> routing. They're not designed to operate like that.
>> As for the driver- I posted before that its a project to do...
>> BTW can anyone confirm 8.3 release date and driver support for iPhone
>> and/or Android? Although I'm reasonably sure iPhone uses a very
>> different method than Android from my research.
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> The Android phone HTC Inspire 4G is design to use "Internet Pass-through" (has
> an option) and mine is not rooted and on Mac computer is not a problem to
> setup and us it. I read on the forums tha people use on Linux too and Windows.
Interesting. Unfortunately (if you'll note the remaining comments) 
internet tethering doesn't work because there is no driver (yet), so if 
you an help with that issue then we can all have networking our androids :)

Search this list for android and you'll find the information we have so 
far. If you can add more information to this (output from usbconfig, 
dmesg, research, output from your Mac, etc) then please post.


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