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On 03/17/11 07:04, ajtiM wrote:
> On Wednesday March 16 2011 09:39:11 Mark Felder wrote:
>> On Wed, 16 Mar 2011 02:48:45 -0500, Da Rock
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>>> IF I understand you correctly here, you need to configure the wifi
>>> connection on your phone, and have a wifi access point available. Else-
>>> see above...
>> No, he's referring to wired tethering over USB. This is the preferred way
>> of tethering to your phone because it doesn't drain your battery or start
>> your phone on fire :)
>> I've not had success with it on FreeBSD but I must admit I haven't put
>> much effort into it.
>> Regards,
>> Mark
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> I want to connect a phone with usb to PC and use Internet through PC.
> At work Itried on MAC compuer and it easy but onn FreeBSD I don't know how.
> I don't have wirelless at home and I like to use wired...
To do so you'd have to have a rooted Android system to change the 
routing. They're not designed to operate like that.

As for the driver- I posted before that its a project to do...

BTW can anyone confirm 8.3 release date and driver support for iPhone 
and/or Android? Although I'm reasonably sure iPhone uses a very 
different method than Android from my research.

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