looking for rack hosting company

Mr. Darren darren780 at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 16 02:02:39 UTC 2011

Sorry if this is a bit off topic.  I am looking to run a Freebsd server with a 
hosting company.  Preferably on the cheaper side as our needs in the beginning 
will be somewhat limited.  I would need enough ram/storage to do some trial and 
error with different databases.  So the vmware virtual servers and limited ram 
are out.  I recall at one time seeing a very reasonable outfit that would rent 
you a rack cpu for around $100/month range and after 2 years would ship it to 
you and give you a new one.  Can't remember what they were called.  I will 
consider any suggestions.  I already checked out the list of venders at 
freebsd.org not finding what I need.  

 Darren Johnston

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