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> On Sun, 13 Mar 2011 11:57:03 +0000 Bruce Cran <bruce at> wrote:
>  > On Sun, 2011-03-13 at 06:49 -0500, ajtiM wrote:
>  > > In the last week I got four emails like this one today:
>  > >
>  > > From: <a href="mailto:bruce at">bruce at</a><br/>
>  > > To: <a href="mailto:perryh at">perryh at
> </a><br/>
>  > > CC: <a href="mailto:freebsd at">freebsd at</a>, <a
>  > > href="mailto:lumiwa at">lumiwa at</a>, <a href="mailto:
> freebsd-
>  > > questions at">freebsd-questions at
> [I guess it's a gmail option whether to quote messages with addresses
> shown as HTML urls?  Other people seem to be able to avoid doing that]
>  > That's not from me - it's from a company called ParkLogic who are
>  > forging emails.  See
>  >
> more details.
> G'day Bruce,
> unfortunately trying to follow that through by 'next in thread' on
> lands at a message that they've censored, declaring:
>  "Error 410: The page you requested has been removed
>  The page you requested has been removed due to inappropriate content."
> >From there, they leave you no way to finish the thread, in particular to
> my detailed wannabe FAQ - in reply to you, as it happened - on how folks
> might solve this issue at:
> That report may or may not help gmail users, as Chris Brennan reported
> gmail provides no way to filter on message headers such as Message-ID,
> still at least it shows how to determine that these messages are indeed
> forgeries.  Maybe by now parklogic realise that targetting gmail users
> will cause the most mischief?  Evil doesn't necessarily mean stupid ..
> As for's apparently arbitrary censorship, you can see the
> message they removed, two messages before mine by thread, here:
> Apart from charging Svein Skogen with 'signature too long' :) I can't
> imagine why they or their robot might have taken offense.  At least at
> only something pretty extreme may provoke our esteemed
> postmaster into removing a message, and there's less obfuscation there
> of email addresses (like .. for better or worse.
> cheers, Ian
Good job Ian! I was looking for that but hadn't had time to sit down and
actually find it and you beat me to the punch. ajtiM, it boils down to two
choices with GMail;

1) Continue to use the web-interface (I do) and live with this spam and just
delete the message (take care to not mark it as spam, while GMail's SPAM
filter is smart, it is by no means intelligent, marking it as spam would
flag more then just *THAT* e-mail's headers as spam, it would flag the whole
thread, including f-q at .)

2) Your second option would require you to turn pop3/impa4 support on in
GMail and set up a client with more advanced filter support, or you could
set up some combination of fetchmail/procmail/<SOME APP TO FETCH MAIL FROM
GMAIL>, manipulate it to filter out the spam you don't like and then throw
up a local web-interface for your mail or use a local client such as mutt.

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