Setting up a a route in FreeBSD with NAT issues

Kaya Saman kayasaman at
Fri Mar 11 10:34:08 UTC 2011

Ok I've managed to make some headway however it still isn't working


#map em1 -> portmap tcp/udp 10000:65000
map em1 ->
map em1 -> auto

I then added this addition to the end of the

/etc/rc.conf file:

static_routes="em0 em1"

when I run traceroute on my host now I can see it going through the system
however I'm still not sure it's being NAT'd or routed??

ROUTER# ipnat -l
List of active MAP/Redirect filters:
map em1 ->

List of active sessions:
MAP    53    <- ->    53    [ 32772]

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