any friendly folk willing to teach an old foggie how to configure kde/ gnome on freebsd?

Polytropon freebsd at
Fri Mar 11 00:10:25 UTC 2011

On Thu, 10 Mar 2011 13:46:42 +0100, Bas Smeelen <b.smeelen at> wrote:
> Do you plan to update FreeBSD and installed ports on your servers on a
> regular basis?
> Then I would not recommend installing graphical window ports (applications)
> on these servers, because it can give you a lot of time, work e.g.
> unnecessary hassle when upgrading/updating.

I would suggest that, too. Allow me to point out a new
perspective of the way of use: GUI forces you to work in a
linear way and pay extra attention. You cannot automate it.
Depending on what your primary intention is, using CLI
tools to get rid of "hands on" work may be a better choice.
This approach of course assumes that you actually KNOW what
you're doing, but that's a main requirement for any
administrator. :-)

> Webmin is a  good GUI progam (from client perspective) for administering
> your servers, it just runs in your clients webbrowser and you can administer
> almost every aspect of your servers with it.

That's true, but it brings new security risks to the system.
Also keep in mind that using a web browser limits your
accessibility to what the browser can do (and the Webmin
can support), e. g. you may be faster using a shell with
patterns and autocompletition than manually selecting
things from a list.

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