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Tue Mar 8 20:53:07 UTC 2011

On Tue, 8 Mar 2011 14:11:25 -0600, Chris <racerx at> wrote:
> Hi everyone - 
> Getting back in to FBSD after a 2 year absence. I have the 8.2 DVD (1)
> and would rather do a binary install and have it working out of the box
> with Gnome. Minimal tweaking after the fact would be preferred along
> with binary updates opposed to using the ports tree.
> The goal - to keep this system running with as little intervention as
> possible (I suspect binary updates/upgrades is the way to go since it
> was something that was just starting a few years back). 
> I'm moving away from a Linux system but do not wish to dedicate the
> time I used long ago.
> As I mentioned, it's been a few years so I would appreciate the best
> way to do this. Any an all guidance would be great. 

If this is your intention, how about this:

Keep the system updated with freebsd-update, following
the -RELEASE branch (including patches).

Installed applications can - in MOSt cases - also be
updated binarily, using e. g. "portupgrade -PP" for the
port in question (and -a for all of them, and maybe -r);
refer to "man portupgrade" for details. You can also use
the method by updating the applications by source. The
key to this is to keep the ports tree up to date, and
tools like "portsnap fetch extract" can help you with

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