Coldfusion, Postgres and Java under FreeBSD

Rodrigo Freitas freitas.rodrigo at
Mon Mar 7 16:32:24 UTC 2011

Dear friends,

I've been studying/researching to understand what is the best OS for my
production environment.
I didn't know FreeBSD until this need, and now I'm fascinated with the stuff
I've been reading about it.
I have 2 servers with the following SW/HW:

Server 1:
Postgres 9
2 cpu 5620 / 48 GB RAM

Server 2:
Coldfusion 9 and other java applications
2 cpu 5620 / 24 GB RAM

I searched the web about performance and portability for these applications
on FreeBSD, but I could not find any clear article about my doubts, that's
why I'm asking for your help.

Question #1: Is anyone running Coldfusion on FreeBSD? It looks like Adobe
only supports Red Had and SuSe.

Question #2: Is the JVM implementation for FreeBSD reliable and fast? Most
of my software components are made in Java (including HSQDB)

Question #3: I read a lot of old posts saying that the overall performance
of Postgres under FreeBSD is better than on some Linux distributions. Is
this still valid for the current versions?

I appreciate your valuable time for reading this and for helping me.

Thanks a lot


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