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On Sun, 6 Mar 2011, ?????? ??? wrote:

> My other question is, those of you who answer questions and debug 
> problems on this list, what do you all get out of it?  I feel kind of 
> selfish asking for what is basically free technical support; how best 
> can I repay you all?

When you become knowledgeable, start answering questions yourself. I 
rarely have anything to contribute, but when I do I'll answer a question.

As to why, there's an element of long-term self-interest: the more 
successes there are, the larger the user base becomes, the more experts 
develop. As a FreeBSD user, it's in my interest to have a large installed 
base and a large and robust user community since this will (I think and 
hope) ultimately mean more awareness from hardware makers and thus a 
continued supply of hardware I can use. Well, applications software too.

And if you become an expert, maybe you can answer *my* question next time 

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