"portmaster -a" command fails - *** Error code 1

Tom Worster fsb at thefsb.org
Fri Mar 4 19:09:16 UTC 2011

these situations arise quite often where you have to delete a port before
portmaster will continue.

sometimes you can predict it by reading /usr/ports/UPDATING

not that this is the only reason to read UPDATING.

On 3/4/11 1:37 PM, "Arthur Chance" <freebsd at qeng-ho.org> wrote:

>On 03/04/11 17:36, Ed Flecko wrote:
>> Thanks Aurthur.
>> :-)
>> It's funny...I DID what it asks and it still didn't work (make
>>deinstall, etc.).
>A tip for the future: always say what you've tried. It lets us save our
>waning mind reading powers for important cases, like working out what
>the wife actually wants for her birthday when all she says is "oh, any
>little thing will do". :-)
>> Apparently, I installed it from a package, so I did a pkg_delete
>> automake and then started my portmaster -a again and it seems to be
>> running fine.
>Ah, the third option which I forgot to mention. It's always the option
>one forgets to mention that works.
>In theory package install and port install are supposed to be the same
>(modulo config options). In practice there are odd cases, and automake
>seems to provoke them. Thinking back, I've had to pkg_delete it before
>now in order to upgrade, and I always install from ports.
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