Simplest way to deny access to a class C

Jorge Biquez jbiquez at
Thu Mar 3 16:59:37 UTC 2011

Hello all.

I am sorry in advance if this question sounds too stupid.

I have a small server for personal use of webpages running:


it is working fine , no problem very stable.

I just need to block some IP class C address that are always trying 
to "discover" directories or applications under the web server. They 
do not do and can not do anything since this server has nothing 
installed but i am tired of seeing in the logs all the intents they 
do every 2-3 seconds.

I have not installed any kind of firewall yet.
What do you think is the best way to accomplish this task? If 
possible the easiest one. I do not want to do anything else but just 
bloc IP's, at this moment at least.

Thanks in advance.

Jorge Biquez

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