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   A considerable number of new entrants in the LED market, which is now
   the driving force of innovation in the green industry, are
   continuously growing in recent years. With the promotion of
   energy-savings and green energy, many countries began to strongly
   enforce the restrictions on traditional lighting in the upcoming
   years. As the LED market becomes more mature, LEDinside believes it is
   paramount to deliver the real-time LED industry trends and market
   intelligence to LED industry professionals. In 2011, LEDinside will be
   holding 4 forums in 3 major cities this year - Shenzhen, Shanghai, and
   Taipei. These events provide perfect settings for participants to
   exchange information with industry heavyweights, gain insights, and to
   explore potential business opportunities.
Sponsorship Types

   Sponsorship package for Green Lighting Shanghai Forum 2011
Sponsorship package for LEDforum Event Series:

   US$ 6,000
   US$ 12,000
   US$ 18,000 
     * 5 complementary tickets
     * One post-forum report
     * Place company logo on all LEDforum promotional materials
     * Company introduction and logo on the LEDforum web pages
     * Permission to deliver giveaways to attendees via DRAMeXchange
     * Place company promotional logo with our forum handout(s)

      Includes all Silver Benefits Plus:
     * One speaking session
     * 90 seconds display of video advertisement
     * One company poster (180*150cm) at the conference venue
     * One full-color advertisement page within the forum handout(s)
     * One banner (480*60 pixel) on LEDinside weekly

      Diamond sponsorship receives all benefits
      of Silver and Platinum sponsorship, plus:
     * Product demo table
     * 500 badge lanyards and material packaging with brand logo
     * Double page-spread ad (equivalent of two A4) within the forum
     * Recognition as the provider of personal interpretation service and

   Contact us
                                Taipei          Shanghai Shenzhen
   Angus Hsu
   [1]angushsu at trendforce.com
   Ann Chang
   [2]annchang at trendforce.com
   Jessie Choi
   [3]JessieChoi at TrendForce.com
   Sara Fan
   [4]sarafan at sz.dramexchange.com

   [5]About LEDinside
   LEDinside, a subsidiary of TrendForce, offers research information on
   LED (light-emitting diode). Moreover, LEDinside also covers the
   technology development, market trend, and financial information of the
   LED industry on a global and regional basis. For more about LEDinside,
   please visit [6]www.ledinside.com
   [7]About TrendForce
   TrendForce is a global pro vider of market intelligence, in-depth
   analysis and consulting services. TrendForce consists of 4 major
   research divisions - DRAMeXchange, WitsView, LEDinside and EnergyTrend
   which cover research sectors including DRAM, NAND Flash, PC, LCD
   display, LED, and green energy. Additional information can be found at

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                              rights reserved.


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