ZFS root mount problem

Patrick Gibson gibblertron at gmail.com
Wed Mar 2 17:51:03 UTC 2011

Thank you! Google Translate has helped some, and I will give that all
a try this morning.


On Wed, Mar 2, 2011 at 4:45 AM, Elias Chrysocheris
<eliaschr at cha.forthnet.gr> wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 of March 2011 00:22:28 Patrick Gibson wrote:
>> I'm installing 8.2 on a server using the instructions for ZFS root
>> filesystem (http://wiki.freebsd.org/RootOnZFS/GPTZFSBoot), and when I
>> reboot after installing, it says:
>> Root mount waiting for: usbus4
>> followed by:
>> When I did the initial install, I booted using a CD, and then from the
>> 8.2 livefs on a USB stick. I'm not sure where it's getting usbus4 from
>> when it boots from the hard disk.
>> I can't figure out where to reset this. Any pointers?
>> Patrick
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> I think that the file zpool.cache is missing or it contains pool data coming
> from the USB stick you used. I wrote an article for this, but unfortunatelly
> is in Greek... The article is here:
> http://www.freebsdworld.gr/node/38#zpool_cache
> Besides the problem that you will not understand what I write (:)) you can
> follow the commands. You will probably understand what's happening there. Just
> skip the part that I cange the names of the gpt partitions (the one that I
> have a bunch of "gpart modify" commands)
> I hope it will be usefull to you
> Regards
> Elias

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