what is the RIGHT(TM) way to configure background DHCP?

deeptech71 at gmail.com deeptech71 at gmail.com
Sun Jun 26 21:54:38 UTC 2011

as of recent times, on my network, the DHCP server takes a very long
time (>30s) to reply, slowing down the boot process. so i've decided
to put the DHCP client in the background (via rc.conf) during the boot

attempt 1:
with this, the DHCP client isn't even started.

attempt 2:
with this, the DHCP client is started, but there is a 30s waiting time.

(as if the background_dhclient and background_dhclient_<if> variables
had no effect.)

attempt 3:
this works, but looks hacky.

so what is the RIGHT(TM) way to configure a background DHCP client, and why?
are any of the DHCP-client-related rc.conf options redundant/useless?

btw, there is no example in /etc/defaults/rc.conf for ifconfig_<if>="DHCP"

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