Dual Boot 8.2 and Windows 7

Eduardo Morras nec556 at retena.com
Fri Jun 24 19:09:27 UTC 2011

At 16:36 24/06/2011, doug at safeport.com wrote:
>Well for me it all worked well for all versions of FreeBSD until 
>Windows 7. My main purpose was to document the link given to me by a 
>friend who does user support for a local college. Before Vista the 
>boot process was pretty simple, the MBR was one sector on sector 0, 
>track 0 and it read the first sector of the target partition who 
>took it from there.
>My experience with FreeBSD 7.0 to present has been that the install 
>does not work with Windows 7. It appears that the MBR can still only 
>have 4 entries. Windows 7 gets more by using extended partitions. 
>Dell, the there can be only one and let it be Windows company, uses 
>two small partitions for something. It may be that some of that 
>underlying stuff is not needed but I had enough trouble without 
>without making changes at that level.

In Vista the way that Windows start changed. The MBR points to a file 
inside the Windows partition that have the partition scheme. It's 
called BCD. You can install EasyBCD in windows (it's freeware with 
commercial licence) that permits you to start Windows and other OS 
inside other partitions. I use it in my trial? 
Win7/FreeBSD8.2/OpenBSD4.9 server and dual Win7/FreeBSD8.2 laptop.


>If FreeBSD can be installed in an extended partition, that would be 
>a very useful howto.

Don't know about it, perhaps using easybcd you can do that


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