Mozilla retires Firefox 4 from security support

Damien Fleuriot ml at
Thu Jun 23 13:25:30 UTC 2011

On 6/23/11 3:10 PM, Robert Huff wrote:
> Jerry writes:
>>  > >  Obviously users of version 4 will be more or less forced to
>>  > >  update to version 5 which is now in the ports system. What amazes
>>  > >  me is how quick support was pulled from version 4.
>>  > 
>>  > 	My morning-fogged mind says Version 4 was out less than a
>>  > year.
>>  Correct! When Microsoft EOL'd a ten year old OS (XP) the
>>  wailing's from certain factions was deafening. Now with Mozilla
>>  EOLing a product less than a year old the sounds of silence seem
>>  to be propagating.
> 	Which says something about the relative trust levels about
> Mozilla and Microsoft bringing out a a new .0 of their core product.
> 				Robert "still using XP" Huff

Well the main difference is, there was a lot of software that would run
only on win XP for large companies, internal web applications, home made
banking software...

With FF, it's just a version bump, addons will get fixed (or not) and
that is it.

I for one was much more bothered by XP's EOL than I am with FF bumping.

Although, I'll give you, I'm as confused as everyone regarding this 4->5
bump, surely they could have done 4.1 or something...

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