ZFS on Root

krad kraduk at gmail.com
Wed Jun 22 20:34:36 UTC 2011

On 22 June 2011 21:31, krad <kraduk at gmail.com> wrote:

> On 22 June 2011 01:47, Chris Brennan <xaero at xaerolimit.net> wrote:
>> * Peter Toth <freebsd at snap.net.nz> [2011-06-22 12:16:11 +1200]:
>> > Did you set the "bootfs" property on your root pool? Example: "zpool set
>> > bootfs=tank/root tank"
>> OK, I booted back to the livefs memostick, imported my zpool (tank) and
>> zpool promptly tells me the following
>>    Fixit# zpool set bootfs=tank/root tank
>>    cannot set property for 'tank': no such pool or dataset.
>>    Fixit
>> But ... there is! It was a great tip and a worthy try. But it didn't
>> work, got any more idea's?
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> I never have the os installed in the rootfs of the pool

sorry finger fart, ill continue

I have a separate tree for the os, as per below (modelled on opensolaris).
Make sure the fs you boot off is also set to legacy mountpoint. Also make
sure your bootloader is a zfs aware one

[root at carrera /home/krad]# df /
Filesystem                   Size    Used   Avail Capacity  Mounted on
system-4k/be/root20110604    597G    5.5G    591G     1%    /

[root at carrera /home/krad]# zfs list | grep be
system-4k/be                              55.0G   592G   180K  /system-4k/be
system-4k/be/current                      1.51G   592G  1017M  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110226                 2.80G   592G   882M  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110302                 3.24G   592G   882M  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110306                 1.32G   592G   882M  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110312                 1.36G   592G   923M  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110416                 1.47G   592G  1.14G
system-4k/be/root20110430                 1.47G   592G  1.15G  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110505                 2.11G   592G  1.78G  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110506                 4.01G   592G  3.37G  legacy
system-4k/be/root20110604                 6.23G   592G  5.50G
system-4k/be/tmp                           900K   594G   384K  /tmp
system-4k/be/usr-local                    4.00G   592G  1.78G  /usr/local/
system-4k/be/usr-obj                      4.45G   592G  1.45G  /usr/obj
system-4k/be/usr-ports                    9.47G   592G  3.84G  /usr/ports
system-4k/be/usr-ports/distfiles          2.96G   592G  1.77G
system-4k/be/usr-src                      1.56G   592G  1006M  /usr/src
system-4k/be/var                          8.04G   592G  1.03G  /var
system-4k/be/var/log                      6.68G   592G  4.76G  /var/log
system-4k/be/var/mysql                    82.5M   592G  33.9M  /var/db/mysql
[root at carrera /home/krad]# zpool get bootfs system-4k
NAME       PROPERTY  VALUE                      SOURCE
system-4k  bootfs    system-4k/be/root20110604  local

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