Two Networks on one System

Bernt Hansson bernt at
Wed Jun 22 08:14:57 UTC 2011

2011-06-22 09:45, Damien Fleuriot skrev:
> On 6/22/11 9:16 AM, Bernt Hansson wrote:
>> 2011-06-21 13:28, Martin McCormick skrev:
>>>      Here is what the issue is right now. The remote campus
>>> in question has been on number space that was part of our Class
>>> B network. They got a block of subnets for their DNS's and
>>> campus enterprises and work stations. We secured them their own
>>> number space and they are migrating from their portion of our
>>> network to their new network and both nets are presented
>>> routable from the rest of the world.
>>>      If you do a whois query for their domain, you get the
>>> address on our network of their primary DNS. When one updates
>>> the whois data, there is a lag of some hours until new queries
>>> start going to the new address of their primary DNS. In the mean
>>> time, we don't really care but we would like for the new
>>> interface for the primary to be reachable so that the minute the
>>> information changes, we're answering lookups. After that point,
>>> we will permanently take down the old interface address on our
>>> network and probably reboot with the normal configuration now
>>> being the new IP address.
>>>      The problem I have, probably due to a misunderstanding
>>> of what I need to do, is easy to describe.
>>>      The defaultrouter statement in rc.conf or
>>> route add default x.x.x.x
>> Have you tried route add netA netB or route add netB netA
> No offense but please do not give random, untested advice.

No offense, but it is tested.

route add
Works like a charm.

> What you just wrote reads as:
> - if you want to go to network A, do that through network B
> - if you want to go to network B, do that through network A

And the OP whanted that.

> Now can you see some kind of a loop forming here ?

No, not really.

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