ZFS on Root

Chris Brennan xaero at xaerolimit.net
Wed Jun 22 00:23:49 UTC 2011

* Peter Toth <freebsd at snap.net.nz> [2011-06-22 12:16:11 +1200]:

> Did you set the "bootfs" property on your root pool? Example: "zpool set
> bootfs=tank/root tank"

Well, the wiki I linked has the following:

    Fixit# mkdir /boot/zfs
    Fixit# zpool create zroot mirror /dev/gpt/disk0 /dev/gpt/disk1
    Fixit# zpool set bootfs=zroot zroot

I subsequently modified that as follows:
   Fixit# mkdir /boot/zfs
   Fixit# zpool create tank /dev/gpt/disk0
   Fixit# zpool set bootfs=tank tank

So was the wiki mistake and I do indeed need to "zpool set 
bootfs=tank/root tank instead?

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